Information against each topic

SNo. Information
( ii )  IL is a PSU having well defined powers of its officials. Duties are well defined, however powers & duties are reassigned from time to time as per need of the organisation.
( iv ) The following norms are set for discharging functions :
-      Excellence with economy
-      Team work and mutual trust
-      Respect and concern for the individual
-      Endeavour to increase production with adoption of latest technology
-      Better quality with adherence to schedules
-      Zeal to perform better
-      Creativeness with learning
-      Readiness to adopt and absorb new technique & methods
-      Integrity & fairness in all matters 
-      Loyalty & pride in being part of company
-      Adherence to schedule of production programme
( v ) Proper rules, regulations, manuals etc exist. Some important guiding documents are as under :
-     Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association of the Company
-     Service Rules
-     Personnel policy
-     Purchase procedure
( vi ) All documents relating to business operations including technical and commercial documents and employees record are held by the Company.
( vii ) Company being in the field of industrial products - No such arrangement exists. However, suggestions from public are welcome. Also facility for addressing queries from public has been provided on our website. 
( viii ) Various Committees/councils have been constituted for providing guidance and monitoring business operations of the Company. However, meeting of these committees are not open to public and minutes thereof are not accessible for public.
( xii ) Not applicable
( xiii ) Not applicable
( xiv ) Information regarding business activities and Company profile is available on our website.
( xv) Public Library is not maintained by the Company. (However Library for employees and their family members exists as a part of welfare activities)
( xvii) Procedure for seeking information from IL.