Reference List (STEEL)

1 Esfahan steel Plant, IRAN Coke Oven & Blast Furnace Plants
2 Steel Authority of India Limited Soaking pit & Misc, requirements
Alloy Steel Plant, Durgapur
3 Steel Authority of India Limited 4MT expansion Project, Blast, Furnace,
Bhilai Steel Plant CPP & Renovation of soaking pits, sintering Plant,
Rail & Structural Mills etc.
4 Steel Authority of India Limited 1,7,2,5 & 4MT expansion project,
Bokaro Steel Plant Restoration of CPP, renovation Coke
Oven Batteries, etc.
5 Steel Authority of India Limited Coke Oven Battery, Gas Cleaning Plant
Durgapur Data Logging System.
6 Steel Authority of India Limited Coke Oven Batteries, Reheating Furnaces,
Rourkela Steel Plant Oxygen Enrichment in Soaking Pits, LD
Computerisation, Renovation of Soaking
Pits & Blast Furnace, Coke Oven Batteries etc.
7 Heavy Machines Building Continuous casting Plant Crushers etc.
HEC & Auxiliary System
8 Indian Iron & Steel Co Misc Instruments
9 Malvika Steel Ltd., Jagdishpur Blast Furnace 1 & 2
10 Tata Iron And steel Co. Ltd 20 MW TG set Power House no. IV
11 Visakhapatnam Steel Project Instrumentation for Phase 1&11,
Captive Power Plant, Gas Mixing Station etc.
12 Steel Authority of India Limited Misc Requirements
Salem Steel Plant
13 Foundry Forge Project, HEC Vacuum Degassing
14 Ukal Machinery Ltd. LD Computer Instrumentation for
Maharashtra Electro-Smelt, Chandrapur
15 Engineering Project India Ltd. Bell type annealing furnace in CRM
at Bokaro Steel Plant Pusher Furnace for
Bhilai, MMSM Project, VSP, etc
16 MC Nally Bharat Engg. Co. Ltd. Coal dust Preparation, Refractory Kiln Inst.
at Bhilai Steel Plant.
17 Nagarjuna Steel Company Misc. Requirements
18 Wester Works Project Bombay Roller Hearth Furnace for Bhilai Steel Plant
19 Bharat Heavy Plates & Vessels Air Separation Plants for Steel Units
Vizag Bokaro O2 Plant & Durgapur, RSP-1& RSP-II
20 VISL Bhadravati Air Separation Unit