Defence Products

The purpose of setting up of IL was to attain self-reliance in C&I field for process industries. After contributing its share towards this objective it was thought proper to utilize the expertise gained in field of high tech electronics and manufacturing facilities in other areas. It was decided to use the expertise gained to help Defence forces in getting the equipment Indigenously. Keeping this in view a separate group was formed to liaison with agencies like MOD, Ordnance factories etc to find out the requirement which IL can design, develop, manufacture and supply meeting the stringent Defence specifications. IL has till now developed and supplied following items to Defence establishments.   

A).     Telephone Field Electronic 7A 

         It is a field Telephone meant for inter communication purpose within unit. It is primarily designed for Magnetic role. However, with the plug-in Dial unit it can also be used as an extension for Auto/CB Exchange.   

B).     Telephone Loud Speaking 4A

          The equipment meets the requirement of inter communication between Command post and Gun unit in the field branch of artillery.  The equipment enables the Gun Position Officer (GPO) at the Command post to broadcast orders to a maximum of six Gun units which can be located upto a distance of 500 metres from the Command post.  It also provides two way communications between Command post and Gun units.  Facilities are also provided for Director Station personnel to  communicate with the Command post as well as with the Gun units.  

C).     RPL Dosimeter Reader

          Radio Photo Luminescence (RPL) Dosimeter Reader enables the commander to assess the radiation dose received by the units under his command and the individual monitoring of personnel for initial sorting of causalities.  RPL Reader detects and displays the Neutron radiation and summation of Neutron and Gamma radiation doses received by Dosimeter Lockets, which are worn by the field personnel.