After serving the Process Industries with C&I systems  IL to diversify into area of Telecommunication to serve the Nation in more effective way. Information technology and communication are being the most promising area of business.  IL therefore entered into technical tie-up with Center for Development of Telematics (C-DOT), a Telecom Technology Center of Govt. of India for its switching products.

Instrumentation Limited has been pioneer in manufacturing and servicing of Telecom switching equipment’s since 1988.  Beginning with 128P RAX (Rural Automatic Exchange) catering to needs of Rural Areas, it has gradually evolved through medium size exchanges (256P RAX, 512P SBM – RAX) to current large size switches (Main Automatic Exchange-XL) appropriate for Urban and Metro (Central Office) Application.

Presently IL is one of the major supplier of C-DOT Digital switching systems in India and has supplied systems almost all Telecom Circle of DOT.  Exchanges supplied by us are working satisfactorily at more than 300 locations. Supply statistics stand at about one million lines and Turnover figure of Rs. 265 Crores

The present product range includes large size switches (MAX-XL), Remote Switches (RSU and RLC) for 2nd and 3rd level of Remote Switching and IVRS, MAX-XL is a Stored Program Controlled switch based on Time-Space-Time (TST) Switching technology and caters to maximum 40,000 lines and 5,000 trunks having both PSTN and ISDN (Basic Rate and Primary Rate applications). It can be used as integrated SSP (Service Switching Point) for IN (Intelligent Network) services and can cater to about 1,530 Access Network Subscribers on V5.2 Interface.

Telecom Division boasts of nearly 200 highly skilled and trained manpower. The Division encompasses advanced PCB Assembly lines including conventional and SMT Assembly facilities. The System Integration Center of the Division has facilities for validation and testing of PSTN Lines, BRI and PRI and CCS7 links. It also has in-house infrastructure for production of mechanical hardware for its switching products.

IL has excellent facilities like fully equipped state-of-the-art Repairing Center for repair of Multi-layer PCB Assemblies comprising of EPLD and FPGA devices and 32 bit Microprocessors for C-DoT Technology Switches.  Its Service Center has so far repaired more than 40,000 cards and is capable of repairing 1,000 cards per month.  Experts undertake at short notice and at very competitive rates fault repairing/commissioning of exchange.

 IL has recently signed TOT agreement with C-DOT for Transfer of Technology for C-DOT HVP (High Voltage Protection Unit) on 14/10/2008. C-DOT HVP unit consists of HVP & ROI card required for alleviating the damage / Securing repair of the line cards in the BSNL network due to lightening.  

Required approvals from the concerned agencies have been obtained to manufacture and market the product.