IL has a number of MOUs with the professional organizations of repute in the field of control & instrumentation. Some of these MOUs are as follows:

(A) Collabration agreement between IL and Duon system Co. Ltd. , Seoul, Korea for Smart transmitters

Instrumentation Limited has signed an collaboration agreement with Duon System Co. Ltd, Seoul, Korea for Smart Transmitters in Pressure, Temperature and Level measurement. Duon System is a reputed and world-renowned company in the field of Smart transmitters. The range of transmitters and model numbers are mentioned in Business Segment.

(B) MOU between IL and Emerson for DCS system

Instrumentation Limited is in process of entering into an agreement with M/s Emerson process Management India (EPM) for predefined scope of work Specific R&M Jobs of Distributed Digital Control system (DCS) for C&I Packages in Thermal Power Plant projects. EPM has wide range of C&I and Automation of Power generation sector.

(C) MOU between IL and Hollysys

IL is in business Association with Hollysys (Asia Pacific ) PTE Ltd., Singapore to address the need of Indian Industry for Latest Technology in the field of Distributed Digital control system.  M/s Hollysys is a leading provider of Automation and control Technologies that enables its diversified industry and utility customers to improve operating safety , reliability and effieciency. Hollysys was founded in 1993 and have completed around 10,000 projects. Around 1000 engineers / personals are engaged in R&D activities to update the technology on regular basis.

(D) MOU between IL and CDOT for HVP and ROI

Instrumentation Limited has entered into an agreement with CDOT for transfer of technology for CDOT HVP (High voltage protection unit) on 14/10/2008. CDOT HVP unit consists of HVP and ROI card required for alleviating the damage/securing repair of line cards in the BSNL network due to lightening.

With use of this unit BSNL would be able to prevent damage to line card and minimize repair / replacement cost.

(E) MOU between IL and Toshiba for DCS systems and other products

IL, a leading Public Sector Unit in the field of Process Control Instrumentation and other sophisticated products in areas of telecommunication, railway, defence, control valves, panels etc has signed an MOU with M/s Toshiba International Corporation for TOSDIC series distributed Control System & its related equipments for process industries. This agreement will further consolidate & strengthen IL's product range in Process Control instrumentation.