CNC Centre

To keep pace with time and to meet the changing technological demand of the manufactured / machined components, CNC Centre was established in 1988. Following three machines are installed in CNC Centre.

1)         CNC CHUKER                                                            HMT.STC.25

2)         CNC VERTICAL MACHINING CENTRE                PAL.VA.35

3)         CNC 3-D MEASURING MACHINE                          CARL ZEISS UC550 

These machines have given us assured production with negotiable process rejections. These machines enabled IL to indigenise various product ranges speedily. It would be much faster to execute on-time order at minimum cost. For quick inspection of first work piece produced by CNC machines & for random sampling of production runs, IL have CNC-3D Co-ordinate measuring machine in CNC Centre. CNC-3D Co-ordinate measuring machine is an advance, multipurpose quality control system used to help the inspection to keep pace with modern requirements. It replaces long, complex and inefficient conventional inspection methods with simple procedures that are much faster as well as accurate. It reduces or eliminates CNC down time, cuts down scrap and rework. A CMM can check the dimensional and geometric accuracy of every item from big complex mechanical parts to flexible rubber, plastic moulded parts. It measures virtually any part at any stage of production with exact precision and substantial time savings.